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The competition

In order to demonstrate the power of the flow proposed by the LiFi, Ubisoft kicks off an exceptional tournament on Trackmania² Stadium. Visitors to the Paris Air Show were able to discover the game in clashing friendly from the tablets installed in the reproduction of an Air France cabin.

The official tournament will take place from Saturday, July 6 20:00 and will end with final phases in End 2019 during of an exceptional Air France commercial flight in a plane specially provided for the occasion with 10 seats equipped with the LiFi technology from Latécoère. Competitors will discover the occasion of the circuits created especially for the event and with key elements of the Air France universe and of Latécoère.

A world first

Air France
Antoine Laborde
Innovation Manager

« We are very happy to have the opportunity to experience LiFi on one of our aircraft, and to organize an onboard video games tournament, two big "world premieres". The In-Flight Entertainment is at the heart of the Air France experience, so it is only natural that Air France invests in innovative solutions that will allow our customers in a few years to to live new experiences »

Yannick Assouad
General manager

« We are proud to be at the forefront of LiFi technology and our mastery of this technology underlines the sustained R & T efforts of our Group over the past three years. His redefines the conditions under which passengers and cabin crew will receive and exchange flight data within 5 years »

Deborah Papiernik
Director of Innovative Projects

« This unprecedented partnership is an opportunity to propel Ubisoft into this new territory, 30,000 feet from our usual playground. In-Flight Entertainment will logically take its place in the years ahead and Ubisoft stands at the forefront of this evolution ».

Nicolas Gusse

« It is with great joy that we are working on this innovative project. Have the confidence and luck of collaborating with these big names in the world of aviation and video games makes us proud. We will propose a new experience on a game that is important to us: Trackmania! ».


This project emerged as a result of exchanges between AirFrance companies, Latécoère, Ubisoft and NTWU. They wanted a hint of mixing new technology and sensational!

The latter thanks the press of all kinds for relaying information and are delighted with the craze known about the 2019 SIAE (Paris Air Show).

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