Discover this revolutionary technology

Creates a new world for inflight data

Latécoère redefines the conditions in
which passengers will receive and send
their data at 10,000 meters altitude

Latécoère, a leading partner of major international aircraft manufacturers, has devised a solution
LiFi infrastructure for entertainment and communication system providers
optimize connectivity in flight. This technology has many advantages:

  • Multimedia data exchange at very high speed (current speed 100 times higher than WiFi);
  • Fewer cables on board (elimination of copper cables in favor of optics), causing a
    reducing the overall weight of the device and therefore its fuel consumption.

If this solution could be deployed in preview in an Air France cabin, it is thanks to the spirit
pioneer of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance, a major international player in
aeronautical maintenance. The LiFi was spotted early by its cabin modification experts, who
therefore started to think about how to implement this innovative technology aboard a

Latécoère having also perceived the high potential of LiFi, the partnership with Air France was born
naturally of a common desire to explore new technological territories. The equipment
developed the system, AFI KLM E & M achieved certification of the solution and its integration into the
cabin. This union of know-how today leads to an unprecedented breakthrough in the world of

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